How To Use Your Voice To Inspire People – Lorna Earnshaw

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Breaking The Underdog Curse by Dr. Don MacDonald How To Use Your Voice To Inspire People - Lorna Earnshaw
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Many people are holding themselves back because they’re afraid of what others might think about them or they’re worried that they will look inauthentic. Thinking about these things while communicating sends out a message that you’re not confident with what you’re doing. It also makes people feel that you can’t be trusted.

On this episode, we are here with Lorna Earnshaw. She is a singer-songwriter, journalist, dancer, and an online marketer. She has been a voice coach for 15 years focusing, mostly on vocal health and technique.

Lorna helps us understand how to use our voice correctly to be able to communicate effectively and inspire more people. When we can improve how we communicate, not only we can grow our business, but we can also free our voice.

Key Takeaways

  • Attitude is a significant factor in using your voice effectively.
  • To increase your performance:
    • Record yourself speaking.
    • Take note of the things you like and dislike.
    • Pay attention to the ‘fillers’ you’re using.
    • Ask someone to listen to your recorded voice and do the same thing.
    • Look at yourself on video.
  • Using too much “fillers” is going to make your message weaker.
  • When you keep the listeners engaged with rhythm and pauses, every word becomes more important.
  • Every time you don’t know what word to use, stop.
  • Way to use few fillers as possible:
    • Think about the idea and phrases you want to say and take your time.
    • Start saying the words. If you don’t know what to say, stop. Pausing gives rhythm to the conversation.
  • Finish delivering one idea and give an example of it before going to the next idea.
  • To have the proper air flow, breathe diaphragmatically.
  • Resources:
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