Expand Your Reach – Dr. Paul Reed

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Breaking The Underdog Curse by Dr. Don MacDonald Expand Your Reach - Dr. Paul Reed
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Dr. Paul Reed is the owner and CEO of Bridge Chiropractic with a staff of over 30 and four clinics in Vancouver, WA. After he had his first adjustment in his 8th grade, he knew he wanted to be a chiropractor and do something bigger.

After attending a Cal Jam, Dr. Reed realized that he wanted to keep the chiropractic on the west coast philosophically strong and that’s how ChiroFest was created.

On this episode, he shares how he was able to expand the reach of chiropractic, and not only serve his patients, but also the practice as well.

Key Takeaways

  • You got to know your tribe who is going to lift you up, not beat you down.
  • To keep your energy up during tough times, stay with like-minded people and keep your why and purpose in the forefront.
  • Find a coach or a mentor that you aligned with.
  • When you feel tired of pushing forward, you have to rewind, reset, reevaluate, recognize, and then keep going.
  • Your practice is a direct reflection of your life.
  • Going to live immersion events that are philosophically based can help you raise the bar.
  • Don’t lose your ‘why.’ What you feel in your heart is why you’re doing in life.
  • When we’re following the path that was innately given to us that life is so much easier. It’s when we go against what we innately know that life gets tough.
  • Share your purpose with people closest to you.
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