Dr. Don MacDonald’s purpose is to participate in the development and growth of the Chiropractic Profession. He believes a shift in attitude towards healthcare will result by emphasizing neurologically based care while meeting the individual needs of each patient. Empowering, educating and providing the skills needed can help Chiropractors serve more people at a higher level and achieve their individual goals.

Do you feel you should be serving more people in your community?

Do you think that you could improve communicating the Chiropractic message to your practice members?

Are you frustrated with your current state of affairs?

Do you feel you are not making as great of an impact on your city or town as you could?

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Dr. Don MacDonald graduated from Palmer in 1997. In the next few years grew his practice into a high volume, wellness focused clinic. He has since been coaching other chiropractors to practice in a more neurological patient centered model.

He has studied and learned from some of the greatest inspirational leaders both in and out of the Chiropractic world:

Dr. Don MacDonald now wants pass on this great gift by offering others mentorship on what it takes to be successful and help communicate your vision of health to the world.

Don Macdonald

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